3factor Radio
GraphQL, Serverless & more!
3factor Radio is our homegrown podcast featuring some of the best folks in the industry working on cutting edge technology and defining the new web!
This podcast is inspired by the 3factor architecture. Read more about it here
Episode 1: Chatting about GraphQL, serverless, ReasonML and IoT with Gant Laborde
Gant Laborde is the CTS of Infinite Red, which is a product development company specializing in React Native development. In this episode, Vladimir & Gant chat about tips & tricks to convince your team & clients to use GraphQL. Co-creators of the Mad Scientist (currently empty) github repo, listen to them chatting about ReasonML, projects with IoT and GraphQL and serverless (or not).
Featured Guest
Gant Laborde
Gant Laborde
CTS at Infinite Red
Our Panelists
Every episode will feature a few of our amazing panelists, along with one special featured guest!
Podcast Host
Vladimir Novick
Vladimir Novick
Google Developer Expert and Developer Advocate at Hasura
Kyle Shevlin
Senior Software Engineer at Webflow
Shawn Wang
Infinite Builder & DX Engineer at Netlify
Tanmai Gopal
Founder at Hasura
Tracy Lee
Founder at This Dot
Nader Dabit
Developer Advocate at AWS