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Trigger Serverless DigitalOcean Functions with Hasura Events

DigitalOcean recently released DigitalOcean Functions, which is their serverless solution. It enables you to invoke and run functions when a web event happens. In this post, you will see how to integrate DigitalOcean Functions with Hasura.
22 June, 2022

10 Reasons We’re Super Excited About HasuraCon’22

We’re bringing the global Hasura community together to share exciting product releases, inspiring keynotes, real-world use cases, hands-on workshops, and our very first HASURAwards!
21 June, 2022
Case Study

How a Serverless SaaS application eliminated a race condition with Hasura Triggers

In this article, we will look into how a serverless SaaS app used Hasura and how Event Triggers helped them to eliminate a race condition.
13 January, 2022

Comparing Serverless Functions Providers: Vercel vs Netlify vs Gatsby Cloud

For front-end developers, few FaaS providers command as much name recognition as Vercel, Netlify, and Gatsby Cloud. In this post, we'll compare them.
29 November, 2021

Choosing a FaaS (Function as a Service) provider in 2021

Serverless computing is the new home for domain code. In this post, we compare the major players to help you decide where to run your business logic.
14 October, 2021

GraphQL & the Data Mesh - developer productivity in an age of exploding data

The promise of GraphQL and the architectural concept of the data mesh seem to be perfectly suited to solve the application development challenges of the modern enterprise - with an extreme focus on developer productivity and enablement of the application developer.
GraphQL MeshEvents
13 October, 2021

Setting up webhooks in Hasura using Next.js API routes

Learn how to configure Hasura Event Trigger webhooks that can call a Next.js API Route for performing custom logic.
05 August, 2021

HasuraCon’21: Announcing the Hasura User Conference

We are delighted to announce HasuraCon’21! A conference about you, your success, and...of course…full of deep-dive technical content. We are bringing together users from all over the world for a 2 day celebration of all things Hasura!
14 April, 2021

Using Postgres for Cron

How to use Postgres and your application server to build a flexible and robust cron system ourselves with a few lines of code!
11 March, 2021
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