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Elevating your API strategy with Hasura

Rather than viewing Hasura as a replacement for API gateway tools, we will highlight the incremental adoption approach, showcasing how Hasura seamlessly integrates with established API gateway platforms such as Apigee, MuleSoft, and more.
API gatewayGraphQL
09 June, 2023

Hasura vs Apollo: Comparing GraphQL Platforms

In this blog, we will share our (opinionated, but grounded) perspective on why Hasura is better than Apollo for building and running production GraphQL APIs at scale in most enterprise use cases.
08 June, 2023

5 HasuraCon 2023 happenings that’ll make attending another virtual event worth it

HasuraCon 2023, happening June 20-22, is just around the corner! If you're a developer, engineer, or tech enthusiast, this event is not to be missed.
01 June, 2023
dynamic routing

Introducing Dynamic Routing on Hasura

If you have data distributed/replicated over different databases, or planning to improve performance of your data layer by introducing different database topologies, or if your use-case requires different queries to use database user credentials dynamically – you will find this blog useful.
Distributed SystemsGraphQL
04 May, 2023

Apigee + Hasura: Data APIs at Enterprise Scale – Part 1

When working in parallel, solutions like Apigee and Hasura form the backbone of a complete enterprise API strategy.
25 April, 2023

How to Build Data APIs on Snowflake

In this post, we will learn how to use Hasura to rapidly build APIs on top of the Snowflake data to power embedded analytics in mobile/web apps.
24 February, 2023
Hasura Cloud

Achieve high availability and scalability on Hasura Cloud with Elastic Connection Pooling

Discover how elastic connection pooling helps you auto-scale Hasura Cloud to manage large amounts of API requests.
elastic connection poolingGraphQL
16 February, 2023

Save Time and Stop Writing GraphQL Resolvers

Building GraphQL APIs manually requires a lot of effort and resources. This post talks about how Hasura helps build GraphQL APIs eliminating the challenges and time consumed.
GraphQL ResolversGraphQL Engine
01 February, 2023
Data Warehouse

The rise of GraphQL APIs on data warehouses

In this article, we will talk about the drivers behind the rise of data APIs in data warehouses, challenges with current approaches to building, operating, and scaling data APIs, and how Hasura addresses those challenges for our customers.
17 January, 2023

State of GraphQL 2022 Survey Report Summary and Insights

In this post, we will look at the key insights and latest GraphQL trends identified in this survey.
20 October, 2022

Using Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL & Hasura GraphQL

Microsoft announced GA for Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL. This brings significant features to PostgresSQL on Azure by leveraging the power of Azure Cosmos DB. Because Azure Cosmos DB for Postgres is True PostgresSQL, this means you can now connect Hasura to Cosmos DB and get instant GraphQL APIs!
12 October, 2022

Hasura GraphQL on Your Hydra Data Warehouse

In this post, we will discuss how to Instant GraphQL APIs on Hydra using Hasura. Hydra is an open-source data warehouse built from the ground up on Postgres.
22 September, 2022
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