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Case Study: How Startup Pipe Went From Prototype to Production In 11 Days With Hasura

In just one year Pipe has experienced amazing success accomplishing this with just 11 engineers. Helping fuel this efficiency was Pipe’s decision to make Hasura an essential part of their technical architecture, which has provided tangible benefits to their dev processes and their bottom line.
05 May, 2021

Building a GraphQL to SQL Compiler on Postgres, MS SQL and MySQL

The release of Hasura 2.0 included one of the most exciting features to date - multiple database backends, and in particular, support for our first new backend, Microsoft SQL Server. On the face of it, this probably seems like a relatively straightforward change.
29 April, 2021

Testing Hasura GraphQL APIs with Karate

So you've created your new GraphQL API with Hasura - what's next? It'd be a great idea to write some unit tests against your expected queries to make sure everything keeps working in your application as you make changes to your GraphQL API.
GraphQL testing
26 April, 2021

HasuraCon’21: Announcing the Hasura User Conference

We are delighted to announce HasuraCon’21! A conference about you, your success, and...of course…full of deep-dive technical content. We are bringing together users from all over the world for a 2 day celebration of all things Hasura!
14 April, 2021

Joint Webinar: How Pipe Uses Hasura To Help Companies Grow On Their Terms

Learn how fast-growing Pipe is using Hasura in this joint webinar on Wednesday April 7, 2021 at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST.
31 March, 2021

Working with Dates, Time, Timezones in GraphQL and PostgreSQL

In this post, we will look at the various data/time types available through Postgres and exposed via GraphQL by Hasura.
29 March, 2021

Top 7 GraphQL IDEs you should know about in 2021

To cater to the growing number of developers using GraphQL, there is now a wide range of GraphQL IDEs that one can choose from. In this blog post, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 IDEs that you should know about in 2021 (in no particular order).
IDEWeb Development
10 March, 2021

Top 3 GraphQL Resources for Vue.js Developers in 2021

GraphQL is seeing greater adoption in the developer space because of features that make it suitable for building modern applications. We have curated the top 3 GraphQL resources for Vue.js developers as Vue.js takes a similar trend in popularity as GraphQL in the frontend space.
18 February, 2021

Top 5 GraphQL Resources for Next.js Developers in 2021

GraphQL is stepping in to the 6th year in 2021 and is seeing great adoption in the developer community. We have compiled a short list of 5 best resources (in no particular order) specifically catering to Next.js developers.
15 February, 2021

TimescaleDB 2.0 with Hasura Part 2 - Multi-Node

Multi-node is the most interesting feature of version TimescaleDB 2.0 that provides the ability to create a cluster of TimescaleDB instances to scale both reads and writes.
DatabaseGraphQL January
22 January, 2021

Hasura Metadata SDK

The Hasura Metadata SDK is a collection of type definitions for Hasura metadata in various programming languages. Users can also generate definitions in other languages if their preferred language is not readily available.
GraphQL January
21 January, 2021

GraphQL Asia - Announcing Second Round of Speakers

The second round of speakers and workshops for GraphQL Asia 2021.
GraphQL AsiaConference
21 January, 2021
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