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HasuraCon'21 - Cross Database Joins with GraphQL and all the other exciting announcements

Celebrating 250M Downloads and 2.0 in stable, HasuraCon'21 starts off with major announcements such as Cross Database Joins with GraphQL, schema sharing and better git-bases CI/CD workflows on Hasura Cloud.
Remote Joins
23 June, 2021
Remote Schemas

Remote Schema Joins

Remote schema joins provides the most simple approach to federated data. Provide a GraphQL endpoint, identify the connection parameters, and give the new field a name and you have two disparate data sources from different systems resolving under a single API.
Remote JoinsData Federation
19 April, 2021

Building GraphQL APIs with Laravel, PostgreSQL and Hasura Remote Joins

We will be building GraphQL APIs in Laravel using PostgreSQL as a database and Hasura for query and Remote Joining multiple tables in the database.
Remote Joins
30 December, 2020
Remote Joins

Creating a Data Graph with GraphQL Mesh and Hasura Remote Joins

In this example, we will look at the ability to add an API source that GraphQL Mesh creates as a Remote Schema in Hasura. Going one step further we will try to establish relationships between Hasura's GraphQL API and APIs sourced via GraphQL Mesh.
Remote SchemasGraphQL Mesh
18 December, 2020

Data Federation in GraphQL using Hasura Remote Joins and Gatsby Source Plugins

We will look at how to use Gatsby Source Plugins as a Remote Schema source and federate data using Hasura Remote Joins for a unified data model and GraphQL API
Remote JoinsData Federation
01 September, 2020

Announcing Hasura GraphQL v1.3 - Data Federation, Relay, Scheduled Triggers and more

After few weeks of being in beta, Hasura v1.3.0 is now released. This is one of the biggest Hasura releases till date, with 3 huge features being launched - Remote Joins, Relay support and Scheduled Triggers.
Remote JoinsRelay
20 July, 2020

Remote Joins: A GraphQL API to join across your database and other data-sources

Hasura Remote Joins lets developers treat data across different data sources as if it were one database without having to modify or affect the existing data source.
Remote JoinsRemote Schemas
08 June, 2020

Hasura FAQ: What are the best practices? (Part 1)

Have you been wondering about best practices with Hasura? Here’s a quick rundown of some of our recent FAQ’s.
06 March, 2020
Headless CMS

Exploring Hasura as a Headless CMS

Hasura is a headless GraphQL API platform which can be used by writers and developers with the right tooling to build content heavy apps for multiple platforms.
22 October, 2019
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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