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Modern GraphQL examples with strings, compilers, and SDKs

Learn all about the modern ways to query with GraphQL with strings, compilers, and SDKs!
07 October, 2021

Implementing a Google Drive Style Hierarchical Authorization System in Hasura

A guide to implementing a hierarchical, role-based ACL system pattern similar to Google Drive, with individual permission overrides and permission inheritance.
06 October, 2021

GraphQL directives you should know about

Learn all about GraphQL directives in this article where we talk about specification directives, Hasura directives, and community defined directives for architecting the perfect API.
28 September, 2021

Tutorial: Get instant GraphQL APIs on BigQuery with Hasura

In this tutorial, we learn how to get instant, dynamic APIs on top of BigQuery with Hasura. Get a BigQuery API in just a couple of clicks!
Big QueryAPIs
16 September, 2021

Open-Source GraphQL Projects We Love

A lot of credit for The GraphQL Engine's success goes to the original team at Facebook, the GraphQL foundation, and developers all over the world. To pay it forward, we are sponsoring open-source GraphQL projects that add value to the ecosystem.
01 September, 2021

Build Fullstack Apps with NestJS, Hasura, and GraphQL APIs

In this post, we'll give a general overview to NestJS, how it works in the context of Hasura and how GraphQL APIs can be built with these together.
GraphQL Backend
25 August, 2021

How to Build a Simple, Secure Social Media Site with Magic and Hasura

Learn how to build a simple yet secure social media site where you can share photos of your kitties and see other people's kitten galleries! Uses Magic Auth and Hasura GraphQL
16 August, 2021
Guides And Tutorials

Your Guide to GraphQL with TypeScript

Type safety is an enormous benefit for developers when embracing the GraphQL ecosystem. This tutorial guides you through a practice known as generative type tooling which allows you to unlock the full potential of GraphQL types in the front-end.
12 August, 2021

Setting up webhooks in Hasura using Next.js API routes

Learn how to configure Hasura Event Trigger webhooks that can call a Next.js API Route for performing custom logic.
05 August, 2021

GraphQL Authorization with Hasura: How to prevent mutations after a time interval

A guide on how to use PostgreSQL Triggers and Column Comparison operators in Hasura to prevent users from updating rows after a time interval.
04 August, 2021
Case Study

Case Study: Industrial IoT Platform Machine Metrics Increased Developer Velocity by 10x Using Hasura

Machine Metrics started exploring Hasura to build their GraphQL powered data access layer. The result? Fast, reliable, secure data APIs which also enabled their teams to increase developer productivity by almost 10x!
14 July, 2021

Creating a GraphQL API for Notion with Hasura Actions

Notion launched their REST API recently letting you connect your pages and databases to create powerful workflows. In this post, we will leverage the Notion API to create a GraphQL wrapper for one API endpoint.
21 May, 2021
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