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Frontend (React) Engineer (Bangalore, India)

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GraphQL is changing the way developers & teams are building software today. Realtime GraphQL paired with event-driven programming that ties together serverless computing on the backend is creating a new way to develop applications, with more power in the hands of the application developer.

Hasura is the only open-source project of its kind at the intersection of the GraphQL & serverless movements and empowers developers to build powerful, scalable applications easily. Our technology gives teams instant realtime GraphQL APIs and event-sourcing for serverless on a database in a manner that is high-performance, low-footprint and horizontally scalable out-of-the-box.

We are very excited to be at the junction of these 2 massive ecosystem trends that will have a profound impact on development workflows going forward, and we are looking for amazing people who are as excited as we are to join us on this journey!

About the role:

We are looking to bring engineers (junior & senior) on our team to primarily work on the Hasura console. The Hasura console is the most critical user-facing component for teams using the Hasura GraphQL engine. Your responsibilities will also include improving the developer experience for the Hasura team and for open-source contributors, so that we can enable developers to contribute features easily to the Hasura console and move even faster. Considering the size and pace of evolution of the existing codebase, you will also have to pitch in to setup the foundation, tooling and engineering best-practices to improve performance.

As a team, we try very hard to keep learning from each other in a collaborative environment and are extremely passionate about engineering. Apart from participating in code-reviews, we would also love for you to identifying/sharing/implementing engineering best practices that will help our team and our open-source project move forward!

Required skills:

  1. HTML, CSS, JS & nodejs
  2. React, redux
  3. API integration
  4. 2 years+ react experience
  5. Preferred: Mac/Linux

Good to have:

  1. Blog writing, speaking
  2. Open-source and community work

How to apply:

Send us your email on [email protected] with relevant information. We would love to hear why you’re keen on working with Hasura too! After your email, we will take your profile through a shortlisting process and start the interviewing process.

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