Senior technical content writer

Bangalore/Remote (Europe/India)
We are looking for a senior technical content writer who is excited to work on GraphQL & Hasura and help developers build data-driven applications more efficiently.
You will be a part of a global team realizing a vision to build the next generation of application development platform powered by GraphQL. Hasura is focused on making data access fast, secure & scalable; so that developer teams or API consumers get immediately productive. We want to get to a world where data delivery is just another piece of infrastructure.
We are a globally distributed team, with offices in San Francisco & Bangalore.

Brief Overview:

As a technical writer, your role will involve working with Hasura, GraphQL, and databases, and produce content that will help our customers, partners & open source users achieve success with these technologies.
Your audience will be developers across startups and enterprises. We’re looking for an experienced developer who is naturally empathetic, curious about how things work & why a feature is being built, and is able to articulate when, why, and how to use it. Our ideal candidate will be able to speak to engineers working on Hasura to quickly understand engineering and design decisions behind the product and translate that into high quality content which has high empathy and technical clarity.
The majority of the work will be on our documentation, but might also involve other writing such as Learn courses and blog posts.

What we are looking for:

  • ExpandA deep full-stack understanding of software development based on experience, and ability to build fully functional applications using Hasura.
  • ExpandCuriosity and passion to play around with new features, and a high motivation to understand how they work underneath.
  • ExpandAbility to grasp new concepts and to quickly learn to build with Hasura across the whole feature set.
  • ExpandExperience with GraphQL, Postgres, API development, Postgres, MySQL & Cloud.
  • ExpandAt least two years of experience in software engineering.
  • ExpandPrior experience in technical writing (you maintain a personal technical blog or have experience writing documentation and/or guides for developers).
  • ExpandExcellent written English skills.
  • ExpandA desire for translating complex topics into approachable, clear language.
  • ExpandEmpathy for the developers reading your content.
  • ExpandEagerness to learn, ask questions, and collaborate with other teams to develop proficiency with Hasura.
  • ExpandDeep understanding of software engineering fundamentals. Ability to reason about good and bad practices, look beneath the hype, and sift out the benefits and pitfalls of new trends.
  • ExpandStrong attention to detail and organization.
  • ExpandStrong interpersonal skills and proactive communication.

Good to have:

  • ExpandHas built or actively worked with developer communities.
  • ExpandPrior experience teaching.

At a high-level, the responsibilities will include the following:

  • ExpandWrite documentation around Hasura features.
  • ExpandCoordinate with product and engineering teams on new feature releases, test out new features and build coherent and helpful guides and documentation to help our users get started using the new features.
  • ExpandEnhance existing documentation with examples, videos and any other supplementary material that will help users get productive with Hasura.
  • ExpandUnderstand use cases that Hasura enables by observing community users on Discord, talking to teams working directly with customers, and helping communicate these effectively.


Bangalore or remote (Europe/India).

Working at Hasura:

At Hasura, we help developers build modern apps and APIs faster. Through your work at Hasura, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on both Hasura as well as the larger developer ecosystem.
As a team, we take a lot of pride in our work. We obsess over the developer experience, and our first priority as a company will always be to make things easier for our users.
We offer competitive salaries, have a generous vacation policy and provide health insurance for everyone employed with Hasura.
We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


We’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t fulfil 100% of the above requirements, or are unsure about whether this would be the right fit, please do reach out to us with your questions! You can write to us at [email protected] with your resume and any other relevant information that you’d like to share.

About Hasura:

Hasura is a venture-backed open-source technology company with offices in San Francisco and Bangalore. Hasura makes your data instantly accessible over a real-time GraphQL API, so you can build and ship modern apps and APIs faster. Hasura connects to your databases, REST servers, GraphQL servers and third party APIs (eg: Stripe, Salesforce) and provides a unified API across all your data sources.