Security vulnerability reporting and disclosure

This page describes the Hasura security vulnerability reporting and disclosure process.

Security announcements

Join the Hasura Security Announcements group for emails about security announcements.

Reporting vulnerabilities

We’re extremely grateful for security researchers and users that report vulnerabilities to the Hasura community. All reports are thoroughly investigated by the project’s maintainers.

To report a security issue, please email us at with all the details, attaching all necessary information.

When should I report a vulnerability?

  • You think you have discovered a potential security vulnerability in the Hasura GraphQL engine or related components.
  • You are unsure how a vulnerability affects the Hasura GraphQL engine.
  • You think you discovered a vulnerability in another project that Hasura GraphQL engine depends on (e.g. Heroku, Docker, etc).
  • You want to report any other security risk that could potentially harm Hasura GraphQL engine users.

When should I NOT report a vulnerability?

  • You need help tuning Hasura GraphQL engine components for security.
  • You need help applying security related updates.
  • Your issue is not security related.

Vulnerability report response

Each vulnerability report is acknowledged and analyzed by the project’s maintainers within 3 working days.

The reporter will be kept updated at every stage of the issue’s analysis and resolution (triage -> fix -> release).

Vulnerability public disclosure timing

A public disclosure date in case a vulnerability is discovered is negotiated by the Hasura team and the bug submitter.

We prefer to fully disclose the vulnerability as soon as possible once a user mitigation is available. It is reasonable to delay disclosure when the vulnerability or the fix is not yet fully understood, the solution is not well-tested, or for vendor coordination. The time frame for disclosure is from immediate (especially if it’s already publicly known) to a few weeks. Though, we expect the time frame between a report to a public disclosure to typically be in the order of 7 days.

The Hasura GraphQL engine maintainers will take the final call on setting a disclosure date.