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Version: v3.x beta

Next Steps


Congratulations! If you've made it this far, you've built your first supergraph, complete with access control, two subgraphs, and multiple connected data sources, all that can be owned by individual teams 🎉

Don't stop there! We recommend checking out the sections below to complete your knowledge of Hasura DDN; you'll be production-ready in no time!


Learn how to utilize JWTs or webhooks to integrate your API with your existing authentication platform.

Connector deployment

See how you can quickly and easily build and deploy custom connectors to Hasura or learn how to deploy them on your own infrastructure.

You can also write your own connectors to bring any data source into your GraphQL API.

Supergraph modeling

Architect your APIs in a simple and declarative syntax with the assistance of LSP; we believe that a solid API should be a simple by-product of well-modeled data.