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Version: v2.x

Connecting databases to Hasura GraphQL engine


From v2.0.0 onwards Hasura GraphQL engine allows connecting to multiple databases and build a unified GraphQL API based on the database schemas.

Connect a database

In versions v2.0.0 and above, databases can be connected and removed dynamically without having to restart the GraphQL engine instance via the console / metadata APIs / CLI:

Head to Data -> Manage -> Connect database

Connect default database
  • You can connect to databases either using env vars or by using their raw connection string/parameters. It is recommended to use env vars for better security (as connection details are part of Hasura metadata) as well as to allow configuring different databases in different environments (like staging/production) easily.
  • A Postgres database can be connected using the HASURA_GRAPHQL_DATABASE_URL env var as well in which case it gets added automatically as a database named default
Create a new Postgres DB inside Hasura Cloud

For a quick start with Hasura, you can also create a Postgres database with Heroku from inside of Hasura Cloud. For more information, see Connect new/existing database on Hasura Cloud.