Hasura CLI: hasura completion

Generate auto completion code.


Output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh).

hasura completion [shell] [flags]


# Bash
    # Linux
      # Add Bash completion file using:
      $ sudo hasura completion bash --file=/etc/bash_completion.d/hasura
    # Mac
      # Install bash-completion using homebrew:
      $ brew install bash-completion
      # Add to your ~/.bash_profile:
      if [ -f $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion ]; then
          . $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion
      # Add the completion file:
      $ sudo hasura completion bash --file=$(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion.d/hasura
    # Windows (Git Bash)
      # open git bash
      $ mkdir -p ~/.bash_completion.d
      # Add the completion file:
      $ cd ~ && hasura completion bash --file=.bash_completion.d/hasura
      # Add the following to ~/.bash_profile
        if [ -f ~/.bash_completion.d/hasura ]; then
          . ~/.bash_completion.d/hasura
      # restart git bash

  # Zsh (using oh-my-zsh)
    $ mkdir -p $HOME/.oh-my-zsh/completions
    $ hasura completion zsh --file=$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/completions/_hasura

  # Reload the shell for the changes to take effect!


    --file string   file to which output has to be written
-h, --help          help for completion

Options inherited from parent commands

--envfile string      .env filename to load ENV vars from (default ".env")
--log-level string    log level (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL) (default "INFO")
--no-color            do not colorize output (default: false)
--project string      directory where commands are executed (default: current dir)
--skip-update-check   skip automatic update check on command execution


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