Hasura CLI: hasura scripts update-project-v3

Update the Hasura project from config v2 to v3.


Convenience script used to upgrade your CLI project to use config v3. Note that this process is completely independent from your Hasura Graphql Engine server update process.

hasura scripts update-project-v3 [flags]


    --admin-secret string            admin secret for Hasura GraphQL engine (env "HASURA_GRAPHQL_ADMIN_SECRET")
    --certificate-authority string   path to a cert file for the certificate authority (env "HASURA_GRAPHQL_CERTIFICATE_AUTHORITY")
    --database-name string           database name for which the current migrations / seeds belong to
    --endpoint string                http(s) endpoint for Hasura GraphQL engine (env "HASURA_GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT")
    --force                          do not ask for confirmation
-h, --help                           help for update-project-v3
    --insecure-skip-tls-verify       skip TLS verification and disable cert checking (default: false) (env "HASURA_GRAPHQL_INSECURE_SKIP_TLS_VERIFY")
    --move-state-only                do only a state migration from old hdb_catalog.* table to catalog state and skip others

Options inherited from parent commands

--envfile string      .env filename to load ENV vars from (default ".env")
--log-level string    log level (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL) (default "INFO")
--no-color            do not colorize output (default: false)
--project string      directory where commands are executed (default: current dir)
--skip-update-check   skip automatic update check on command execution


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