GraphQL Engine for Enterprise
Accelerate GraphQL adoption in your organisation with an enterprise-grade product
A robust product for your enterprise GraphQL requirements
  • High-throughput & light footprint
  • Built for multi-core architecture
  • Stateless & horizontally scalable
  • Compatible with Timescale DB & managed Postgres services
Compatible with existing tech
Compatible with existing tech
  • Works with your existing, live DB
  • Role-based access control that integrates with your auth system
  • Use your existing migrations system
Business Logic
Business Logic
  • Remote schemas for sync logic
  • Event triggers for async logic
Migrations & Configuration
Migrations & Configuration
  • Version-controllable configuration
  • Use built-in migrations or your own system
  • APIs & CLI for schema/config mgmt.
  • Structured logs for monitoring
  • IAM/SSO/role-based access for admin console
  • Query whitelisting
Enterprise Offerings
We offer comprehensive support & consulting plans, SLAs and training
Support plans
  • Dedicated 24/7 support with configurable SLAs
  • Priority support by core Hasura architects/engineers
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Consulting plans
  • Architecture review; Pair-programming; Training
  • GraphQL assessment; PoC evaluation support
  • Custom Solutions; Feature prioritization
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