Fanatics Brunch and Learn with Hasura

Join us for a private, virtual event for exclusively for the Fanatics team.
LocationVirtual event
timeDec 14, 2022
time12:00 EST
  • Topps has recently adopted Hasura to help lower their cost of development and maintenance by generating and exposing 25+ endpoints with little to no work done by the development and SW teams. As part of Topps now being a Hasura customer, we're offering a FREE virtual lunch and learn for Fanatics on Dec 14th. We'll be sending attendees a $35 Uber Eats gift card. There'll also be a short round of trivia for the chance to win some seriously cool SWAG! We'll demo the Hasura platform and show how you can:
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    Instantly generate a real-time, secure, and high-performant GraphQL CRUD & Aggregation API over data sources
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    Rapidly develop ABAC, RBAC, and Hierarchical multi-tenant permission schemes
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    Federate and “join” across data sources to provide a unified GraphQL API
  • 🎉Please Note: this is only eligible for Fanatics employees and gift cards will only be sent to people who register with a valid Fanatics email address.


Presented by
Jimmy Gomatos
Jimmy Gomatos
Senior Sales Engineer, Hasura