An Architect's Guide
to Building
with Hasura

Tanmai talks about how to accelerate your GraphQL adoption with Hasura & build high-performance apps the way Pipe, United Health & Philips Healthcare have!

At his talk at HasuraCon'21, Tanmai speaks on:


Reassessing mental models around architecture to build performant & scalable apps


Solving for a wide array of domains & use cases with Hasura


Migrating incrementally to Hasura-enabled tech


Designing for performance or “How to think in Hasura”

Join us at HasuraCon’21!

23rd & 24th JUN | Online | Free


About HasuraCon

HasuraCon'21 is a 2 day celebration (June 23rd & 24th) of all things Hasura
where you can learn whether Hasura makes sense for you, level up your Hasura
skills with live workshops, and deep-dive into what Hasura is really about!

Talks and workshops


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Erik Reyna


Internationalization with Hasura: How to Make Your Backend (Almost) as Smart as Google Translate

Brittany Roddy


Incremental Adoption of GraphQL in existing applications

Adron Hall

23rd & 24th JUN | Online | Free

Join us at HasuraCon’21!