High-performance apps & teams: prototyping in production

Guillermo (CEO, Vercel) & Tanmai (CEO, Hasura) discuss how to adopt new bleeding-edge tech quickly in both startups and enterprises enabling you to build and ship at pace!

At their fireside chat at HasuraCon'21,
Guillermo & Tanmai delve into:


The importance of adopting bleeding-edge tech that powers the tech of tomorrow


How to build and ship quickly in production,  even in an enterprise environment!


How to improve developer productivity


How to shorten these adoption cycles

Join us at HasuraCon’21!

23rd & 24th JUN | Online | Free


About HasuraCon

HasuraCon'21 is a 2 day celebration (June 23rd & 24th) of all things Hasura
where you can learn whether Hasura makes sense for you, level up your Hasura
skills with live workshops, and deep-dive into what Hasura is really about!

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23rd & 24th JUN | Online | Free

Join us at HasuraCon’21!