Office Hours

Hasura Office Hours

A live informal 30 minute session with the Hasura Team
Hasura and GraphQL are new, and we want to make sure you have a place to come hang out and ask any questions you may have, in our weekly office-hours.
During this time, the Hasura team will be hanging out on Zoom, and you can join us any time to ask your questions.
  • Expand arrowIs GraphQL the right choice for me?
  • Expand arrowShould I use Hasura Cloud?
  • Expand arrowHow does Hasura work?
  • Expand arrowHow do I setup authentication with Hasura?
  • Expand arrowHow do I manage multiple environments with Hasura or Hasura Cloud?
  • Expand arrowWhat are some best practices for an app built on Hasura?
  • Expand arrowHow can I migrate my app to Hasura Cloud?
No question is off limits!
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