Combining Snowflake and PostgreSQL to build low-latency apps on historical data insights

timeMar 07, 2023
time9:30AM PST
  • Snowflake’s new Hybrid Tables feature is designed to let customers build transactional apps directly on Snowflake. However, in some situations, users might prefer to sync Snowflake data to a dedicated transactional database like PostgreSQL for their low-latency workloads. In this webinar, we will show how you can surface historical insights from Snowflake via a transactional PostgreSQL layer to power real-time personalization in your apps. We will demo how Hasura and data APIs radically simplify this analytical + transactional architecture.

    In our live eCommerce demo, we will use Snowflake as the customer system of record, with a batch ML model that continually calculates and updates the customer fraud risk score. We use Hasura to efficiently sync the select customer information to PostgreSQL as a speed layer. The fraud risk score in PostgreSQL is then processed via business logic to customize the user experience in real time. For e.g. show special promos for low-risk customers or disable credit eligibility for high-risk customers.
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    Common use cases of “translytical” workloads
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    Making intelligent real-time decisions based on insights from historical data
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    Advantage of using data APIs to fetch information from a data warehouse
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    Using Hasura to orchestrate the workflow


Presented by
Smit Shah
Smit Shah
Director, Technical Evangelism at Hasura