Weekly Demo

An intro to Hasura Cloud with a live Q&A

A guided tour of an application powered by the Hasura GraphQL Engine on Hasura Cloud.
Watch some key Hasura features in action:
  • Expand arrowRemote Schemas: seamlessly incorporate data from outside GraphQL services
  • Expand arrowScheduled Event Triggers: automate routine tasks such as daily summary emails
  • Expand arrowActions: powerful customizable extensions to your GraphQL Engine
    • CircleRun GraphQL queries
    • CircleView analytics & metrics
    • CircleManage team members
Learn about advanced features provided by Hasura Cloud:
  • Expand arrowPowerful analytics dashboards for performance monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Expand arrowEnhanced security with API limits and allow lists
  • Expand arrowRegression test suite tools
ABOUT THE Presenter
Allison Kunz
Allison Kunz
Allison is a Solutions Engineer at Hasura, conference speaker, and technical instructor. Previously, she specialized in GraphQL-powered applications for both web and mobile. Her cat, Java, is known for unannounced participation in Zoom meetings.