#ShipFast on AWS with the Hasura API Platform

Are you struggling to build and maintain secure, real-time applications on AWS with data hosted across multiple sources? Do you want to improve your speed of delivery while reducing complexity and development time?

  • London - 30th MAR, 2023 (11AM - 3PM GMT)
  • New York - 5th APR, 2023 (10AM - 3PM EST)

Join us for a hands-on workshop focused on using Hasura, the leading data API platform, to build fast, secure, and scalable applications on AWS.
  • Who Should Attend:
    This workshop is designed for developers and software engineers who want to learn how to leverage Hasura to build secure, real-time applications on AWS with ease. Some experience with AWS, GraphQL, and REST API development is recommended, but not required.
  • Agenda:
    In this workshop you will create the entire backend of a sample banking application from scratch. We will follow these steps to get there:
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      Launch a Hasura Cloud instance.
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      Connect Hasura to an AWS RDS Postgres database for transactional workloads and AWS Athena for analytical workloads.
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      Generate GraphQL APIs and federate data across multiple data sources, including REST APIs.
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      Configure AWS Cognito for API authentication and integrate with Hasura’s rich authorization capabilities.
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      Add custom business logic with AWS Lambda.
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      Connect a sample front-end banking application to Hasura generated GraphQL and REST APIs.
    By the end of the workshop, you will have gained practical experience using Hasura within the AWS ecosystem. You will have learned the basics of real-time data synchronization, fine-grained access control, and API development on the Hasura platform.

    With Hasura, you will be able to significantly reduce complexity, increase productivity, and #ShipFast.


    London: County Hall  - 4th Floor, Belvedere Road, London SE1 7PB

    New York: PeerSpeace  - 109 West 39th Street 2nd Floor, new york, NY 11223


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New York

30th March, 2023 (11AM - 3PM GMT)

Presented by
Jimmy Gomatos
Jimmy Gomatos
Sr. Solutions Architect, Hasura
Mansi Vaghela
Mansi Vaghela
Solutions Architect, AWS