Deploy with git, on an SSL enabled domain, without any setup.
Deploy custom code easily

Deploy code you write with just a git push to an HTTPS domain.

Deploy open-source components

Hasura makes it easy to run any docker image. Expose it on a URL to the Internet or keep it internal. You can deploy your own databases too!

Use any language/framework

Hasura uses docker and kubernetes underneath to deploy your microservices. This means that you get Hasura goodness with your favourite language/framework.

You don't need to write a Dockerfile or Kubernetes YAML files to get started! Just head to hasura.io/hub and pick up a boilerplate.

Easy debugging tools

Advanced debugging sometimes requires access to the exact environment where your processes are running. Run a shell in your microservice containers and debug easily.

Stream logs to see how your services are behaving.

Debug microservices with Hasura