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Basic schema for e-commerce website

Clone and deploy this project in 3 steps

If you're a new user, install the hasura CLI tool before you continue!

$ # 1) Login if you haven't already
$ hasura login

$ # 2) Run the quickstart command
$ hasura quickstart karthikvt26/ecommerce-schema

$ # 3) Git add, commit & push to deploy to your cluster
$ cd karthikvt26/ecommerce-schema
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'First commit'
$ git push hasura master

Check out the instant Hasura APIs, manage data & users

$ # Use the API console to explore APIs, modify your schema, manage users
$ hasura api-console

Check out the microservices deployed

$ # View the URLs of the microservices deployed on this cluster
$ hasura microservices list


E-commerce schema

A Hasura project with the schema for a simple e-commerce application.

Deploy this project

Use the quickstart instructions at (hasura/ecommerce-schema)/hub/project/hasura/ecommerce-schema.

Browse the schema

Once you deploy this project on a cluster, head to https://schemaspy.cluster-name.hasura-app.io/relationships.html to see your schema.

Remember to replace cluster-name with the name of your cluster. You can get your cluster name by running:

$ hasura cluster status

Test the APIs


$ hasura api-console

and use the API explorer to test the instant APIs available on this schema.

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