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A simple telegram bot that sends cricket scores .

Detailed description

Building a Telegram Bot on Hasura

This readme is about getting a telegram bot to run on Hasura as quick as possible. This bot is also integrated with API from Each command will have a description telling you what it does and also be sometimes accompanied by screenshots so that you know you are heading in the right direction.

There will also be links to provide you with more information on a topic. Do remember to follow them.

We will be using telebot package ( with NodeJS on our server. When a user sends a message to our bot it will be sent to our server by Telegram. We will then send a response back to the user from our server.

Github Repo Link


Let's start

1) Obtain API Key from

Cricapi signup

2) Create new bot on Telegram app

  • Open your Telegram app and search for BotFather
  • Select /start
  • Select /newbot
  • Send a bot name of your choice
  • Then send a bot username. Can be anything
  • You will then get a confirmation message with the Bot's API. Copy the API KEY

Bot create

3) Getting the Hasura project

# Clone the repository on your computer
$ hasura quickstart rishavanand/telegram-bot

# Enter the directory
$ cd telegram-bot

# Add telegram's api key to environment variables a.k.a hasura secrets
$ hasura secrets update bot.telegram_bot_api.key <YOUR-TELEGRAM-API-KEY>

# Add cricapi's api key to environment variables a.k.a hasura secrets
$ hasura secrets update bot.cricapi.key <YOUR-CRICAPI-API-KEY>

# Commit changes
$ git add . && git commit -m "Deployment commit"

# Push to Hasura server
$ git push hasura master

Our Telegram Bot is now ready for use.

3) Interacting with your bot

( NOTE : takes approx 10 minutes to make its API ready. So your API key might not work before 10 mintues)

Now that our bot is ready. We need to find our bot.

  • Open telegram
  • Search for your bot by its username
  • Press /start
  • Then press /matches. This will give you a list of recent matches
  • Press on the link below any match to get the score

Bot interaction

Author & License

Source: Not updated
OSS license: MIT License