Enterprise Agility
Bring startup dexterity to your enterprise. The Hasura platform helps your dev team keep up with the newest kids on the block.
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The Hasura Advantage
Mobilising Legacy Data
Create APIs on legacy databases to build modern apps rapidly, using the Hasura data pipeline
Automating Dev-Ops
Build-Deploy-Iterate FAST. The Hasura platform automates dev-ops so that you can focus on the things that matter
Modernising Tech-Stacks
Switch to the Gartner recommended architecture: Microservices
Service Guarantee
Deploy processes and tooling that will help your tech teams stay current and future proof
Case Study
Hasura Workshop at TVS-NEXT
Workshop at a 400 member IT services company showed a 60% reduction in their backend development time. Developers were able to learn and build complete applications in the 24 hour workshop.
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