Migration to a microservice framework
Re-architecting your product for stability, security and performance.
As the maxim goes, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it does break, Hasura will fix it.'
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Sacrificing on good architecture leads to a multitude of problems when your business scales. We're all familiar with applications that frequently crash, are prone to massive security failures and experience downtime every time there is an upgrade - all related to your original technology stack decision. Many tech giants have migrated to a microservice framework, to handle problems of scale.
Our framework, Hasura, built on a Docker, Kubernetes stack, allows us to rapidly re-architect your software for scale, while not locking you into any proprietary technology. The benefits are several - guaranteed business availability, less rework/unplanned work, increased deployment frequency, and the enforcement of security best practices.
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Powered by Kubernetes, Hasura projects can also scale to a 100 nodes and a million requests per second. By way of comparison, most large consumer startups use between 10-20 nodes.
Case Study: Choosemybike.in
Helping one of India's most popular bike portals scale.
Our team of engineers rearchitected the entire application. The upgrade enabled the website to handle upto 100 requests/second, from an earlier level of 3 requests/second. The bounce rate reduced by 68% and the page views on the website increased by 72%.
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