The Hasura GraphQL engine is going open-source!

👇 Preview: Instant GraphQL on Heroku postgres 👇

Build scalable GraphQL applications on Postgres. 
In minutes.

Instant GraphQL on Postgres. Git push to deploy your own microservices.

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Build scalable GraphQL applications on Postgres.  
In minutes.

Instant GraphQL on Postgres. Git push to deploy your own microservices.

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GraphQL data layer
  • Create tables → Get GraphQL APIs
  • Built-in authorization for frontend clients
  • Query from your microservices and replace your ORM
  • Direct access to postgres if required
Graph Ql
Iterate faster on your microservices
git push to deploy microservices written in any language or framework
Git push hasura master
Learn how Hasura works
No lock-in
Your data
Hasura APIs use Postgres underneath
Your stack
Use any language, library or framework for writing your microservices; courtesy Docker
Any cloud
Each Hasura project is a Kubernetes cluster and can run on any cloud
Ready for power-users
Handle serious use-cases as you normally do. Direct access to your favourite tools
Database access:
I wish I could just connect to the database directly from my backend code.
Data fixtures:
I need to run tests to initialise large amounts of data in the database, and then destroy the data.
I need to connect my own CI/CD system to deploy.
Multiple environments:
I need to maintain multiple different environments, like development, staging and finally production.
Stateful services:
It’s easier for me to use save to the disk and write a stateful service for this particular component.
$ psql
$ kubectl
$ git
$ ssh
What people say
Hasura gave me step-by-step guidance on how to build up all that time-consuming stuff like auth, database and file storage management so that I built my backend in minutes with no hassle!
Erk Ekin
Fullstack Developer, Turkey
Hasura is one of the best platforms where you can build and host your current applications in minutes! Easy to setup and use, Hasura offers a wide range of awesome services!
Artur Kolakowski
Developer, Connecticut
Is your project in microservices atop a database, deployed via gitops? Hasura looks like a great option to do most of the work for you!
John Mitchell
Python/DevOps teacher, California
Hasura offers a great way to build backends for your apps quickly. What's really appealing about it is that it incorporates a lot of best practices so your backend can scale along with your business
Siva Narayanan
CTO, Fyle, Bangalore
We have been using Hasura for more than a year across multiple clients. Hasura has helped us build backend APIs for our enterprise customers 80% faster than traditional API development. The support team has been very responsive to any queries.
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Hasura is a certified Kubernetes provider and a member of the The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation.
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Over 215,000 people register for Hasura's course on application development.
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Fast support on discord
Join an active community and Hasura engineers on our discord server 24x7. You can get your questions answered, bugs squashed and even pair or screenshare if you'd like to!