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GraphQL engine on any Postgres
Instant GraphQL for your apps without any backend code.
Blazing Fast • Fine-Grained Access Control • Add To Existing Postgres
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Dynamic authorization with
granular access-control
Fine-grained access control based on any property in your “graph”
Authentication/Authorization that works with your existing apps
  • Based on a column value
  • user_id == my id
  • Based on a column value in relationship
  • object.collaborators.user_id contains my id
Dynamic (multi-tenant SaaS App)
  • Based on dynamic data from webhook
  • organisation_id = current_organisation
Lightweight, blazing fast performance
Docker Image
15MB docker image
~50MB RAM @ 1000 req/s
Multi Core
Multi-core aware
How It Works
Built for the real-world
Hasura works with existing applications to that you can incrementally migrate to GraphQL.
Integrate with your existing database and auth system without making any changes and without affecting your existing users.
build for Real
The Postgres challenge for enterprise
We want the Hasura GraphQL engine to handle any existing postgres database and app authentication system in any environment!
If you can’t get Hasura to work out-of-the-box within your existing setup, schedule a call with us and we’ll put in upto 40 hours of our engineers working with you to get you off-the-ground.
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