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Build applications quickly
Get deployment automation and instant backend APIs for your apps without any setup.
Deploy custom code in *any* framework
  • Deploy and host webapps, APIs or static sites with just a git push. You get HTTPS automatically.
  • Create tables & relationships and instantly get powerful graph data APIs for your apps. You can even directly access the underlying Postgres database if you need to.
  • Protect your webapps from unauthenticated access with a crisp web UI without writing any code. Build your own auth UI with Hasura's auth APIs. Seamlessly add auth to your custom backend code without writing any session-handling code.
  • Add file upload/download APIs to your apps. Use built-in defaults for public, private or admin only file sharing or extend with custom webhooks.
Scalable from day 1
Hasura helps you build on a scalable & open-source foundation without sacrificing on speed.
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Even if you don't know it when you start building, everything is automatically containerised and deployed on a dedicated Kubernetes cluster. You have direct access to your Kubernetes cluster too.
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Postgres backed

All your data is in Postgres. Store both schemaless and structured data in a popular, safe and advanced open-source database.
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Built-in API gateway

Hasura's API gateway comes with free SSL certificates, even for your custom domains, and features built-in authorization. You can also customise your API gateway with standard nginx directives.
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Declarative + GitOps

Every single thing about your project is declarative and managed via a git repo. Collaborate & manage multiple environments the way you usually do with git without introducing new tooling and processes.
Boilerplates, not buildpacks
Deploy your custom stack using a boilerplate
Everything on Hasura is powered by Docker and Kubernetes, so you don't need to write any Hasura specific configuration. Just clone a boilerplate code + configuration and git push hasura master to deploy!
Fast support on discord
Join our active community and Hasura engineers on our discord server 24x7. You can get your questions answered, bugs squashed and even pair or screenshare if you'd like to!