The fastest way to create graphs for all your data and compose them into a supergraph.

Hasura Data Delivery Network


Ship microservices faster with Hasura Data Delivery Network

Instantly build and operate a supergraph, the unified data API layer that replaces the tangled mess of microservices needed for all your data sources – with zero operational overhead and baked-in security and performance capabilities.

With reusable data connections, Hasura DDN accelerates the creation of subgraphs, which easily stitch together into one semantic supergraph. This unblocks your teams from having to build and operate microservices to make their data accessible over a high-quality API.

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Build rock-solid microservices without worrying about API infrastructure
Hasura DDN is the fastest way for developers to create a full-featured and production-grade API, with the ability to compose and bring in business logic using customizable open source connectors.
Build microservices in any programming language

Bring the ecosystem and tooling from the language of your choice to augment and customize the heavy-duty API server that Hasura provides.

Whether composing and deploying business logic or augmenting your schema using a custom data source connector, you can use the programming languages and tech stack you’ve already invested in while leveraging the innovations of the Hasura API development platform.

For now, we are rolling out support for TypeScript and plan to expand to main language ecosystems such as Java, Go, .Net, and Python.

Rapidly author and iterate on APIs

Elevate your API development with Hasura's seamless blend of local and cloud development, providing an efficient path to design, build, deploy, iterate, and maintain APIs effortlessly.

With features like LSP for rapid authoring, CLI for advanced SLDC and CI/CD, secure tunnels for leveraging local resources, console for rapid testing and visualization, and NDC Hub for swiftly augmenting your graph, Hasura offers a comprehensive code-driven and declarative workflow.

On top of that, plug any data into the supergraph and go to production in seconds.

Instantly deliver robust full-featured APIs

Instantly craft intricate and complex API features – from rich query features such as pagination and sorting, building complex relationships, and executing nested queries to composing mutations with input validations and data transformations.

Moreover, with an extensible and API protocol agnostic metadata spec, Hasura makes it easy to go to market with not only GraphQL but REST and gRPC as well.

Protect APIs with a powerful authorization engine

Easily manage access to your data and APIs by defining roles and permissions. Hasura's fine-grained access control system allows you to specify which users can access which data, based on attributes, and refresh immediately, ensuring that your application is secure and robust.

Also highly performant, Hasura generates all predicates in a single WHERE clause based on configuration rules, avoiding the N+1 query problem so performance keeps humming along.

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  • Avoid API drift and deliver unbreakable APIs
  • Ensure APIs are blazing-fast at global scale
Instantly compose a planet-scale supergraph for your data domains
Hasura DDN is the easiest way for teams to collaborate on and evolve a supergraph, with a blazing-fast and federated CI/CD experience.
Grow your supergraph incrementally

Hasura’s modular platform allows you to independently and iteratively integrate building blocks (subgraphs) into your supergraph. Our unified layer seamlessly interacts with and composes these disparate components, backed by various protocols and database technologies.

With a robust methodology and framework, Hasura ensures progressive enhancement, high quality, and reliability throughout the iterative process, providing a well-defined adoption path from function building to connector building for a future-proof supergraph.

Standardized API schema across subgraphs for composability

Unlock unparalleled efficiency using our seamless, no-code solution for composing across diverse data sources. Say goodbye to the complexity of manually coding queries for each combination, as Hasura simplifies the process by declaratively authoring composition logic across all your data sources.

Enjoy capabilities such as performant cross-data source joins and nested queries across subgraphs with rich filters, and orchestrating business logic across multiple subgraphs, to leverage diverse data sources and orchestrate efforts across systems.

Coming soon
  • Industry’s fastest Top-N supergraph query execution with detailed query plan and analysis
  • Federated SDLC and governance with namespaces, environments, and schema registry with granular access control
  • Rapid onboarding and discovery with rich schema visualization and documentation

Ready to take Hasura Data Delivery Network for a spin?

Ready to take Hasura Data Delivery Network for a spin?