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Waaaaaat! We're launching graphql for postgres soon. Stay updated →
Built-in DevOps
git push to deploy
  • Web apps
  • Custom APIs
  • Cron jobs
Pre-configured API gateway
  • Auto-renewing SSL
  • HTTP/2, gzip enabled
Psst...we just open-sourced some of our git push magic! Check it out:
No lock-in
Your data
Hasura APIs use Postgres underneath
Your stack
Use any language, library or framework; courtesy Docker
Any cloud
Each Hasura project is a Kubernetes cluster and can run on any cloud
Ready for power-users
Handle serious use-cases as you normally do. Direct access to your favourite tools
Database access:
I wish I could just connect to the database directly from my backend code.
Data fixtures:
I need to run tests to initialise large amounts of data in the database, and then destroy the data.
I need to connect my own CI/CD system to deploy.
Multiple environments:
I need to maintain multiple different environments, like development, staging and finally production.
Stateful services:
It’s easier for me to use save to the disk and write a stateful service for this particular component.
$ psql
$ kubectl
$ git
$ ssh
Learn how Hasura works
Fast support on discord
Join an active community and Hasura engineers on our discord server 24x7. You can get your questions answered, bugs squashed and even pair or screenshare if you'd like to!