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Hasura is an open source engine that connects to your databases & microservices and auto-generates a production-ready GraphQL backend.

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Realtime GraphQL on Postgres

Reduce your time to go-live by giving your team a powerful realtime GraphQL API in seconds.

  • Expand arrowAdd to a new or existing database.
  • Expand arrowPowerful authorization engine.
  • Expand arrowCan safely be used by frontend apps directly.

Easily evolve with your needs:


1000 queries/sec with 50MB RAM Arrow forward

Browse benchmarks and learn how Hasura goes beyond data-loader and n+1 queries.


Planet-scale workloads with PostgresArrow forward

Hasura works with your favourite Postgres flavours and extensions. Read how we’ve taken Hasura to over 100TB databases and other experiments with the cutting-edge Postgres ecosystem.


Scaling to 1 million GraphQL subscriptionsArrow forward

Hasura provides scalable & secure GraphQL subscriptions out-of-the-box.

GraphQL with microservices

Accelerate API adoption and app developer productivity on your microservices & serverless stack.

  • Expand arrowConnect & configure relationships across microservices & SaaS APIs without any upstream changes.
  • Expand arrowInteract with microservices on a scalable and fault-tolerant with an event driven core.

Hasura Pro
For teams in production

Hasura Pro is an enterprise ready version of Hasura that offers improved reliability and enhanced security controls for your Hasura deployment.



Complete observability: Troubleshoot errors & drill-down into individual operations.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Automatically create regression suites to prevent breaking changes.

Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting

Role-based rate limits to prevent abuse.

Team Management

Team Management

Login to Hasura project with granular privileges.

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