Add backend APIs to your app instantly
Handle complex use cases without writing any backend code.
The power of Postgres, with the ease of JSON
Hasura data APIs are the fastest way to access data from your app.

The data APIs work over Postgres, with role based row level permissions and a JSON based graph query language.

Use the API console to manage tables, relationsips and even generate schema migrations automatically.
Data API image
Deploy custom services in any language
Run git push hasura master to deploy without any setup
Powerful apps need custom backend services. Bring your favourite language, framework or stack and deploy on Hasura easily. You can deploy any docker image or kubernetes object too.
Node JS
React JS
Build on a powerful architecture.
A faster time to market need not compromise the scalability of your stack.
hasura hub
Use an existing project as a starting point for yours.
Start building on top of an existing project contributed by the community that you can extend and modify. Get up and running quickly with working database schemas, custom services and stack configuration.
Hasura demo at Kubernetes community meeting
At Hasura, we have been using Kubernetes extensively since it was first released. We presented our work to the Kubernetes community at one of their weekly meetings.
We chose to build on Hasura because we found other BaaS platforms restrictive. As a young startup, it helped us keep our team size small and rapidly iterate.
Tarun Lala
Co-founder Levo
We're here to help
We are a new platform and we take support very seriously. We are constantly adding more tutorials & quickstarts. If you don't find what you're looking for or get stuck somewhere, just ping us on chat and we'll get to it right away. Our engineering team is here 24/7 to help you through the app development process.
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