Build modern apps and APIs

Make your data instantly accessible over GraphQL

The GraphQL powered data access layer

Mobilize & federate your organisation’s data by building a powerful, secure & flexible GraphQL API that can query data in your databases, HTTP services, serverless functions as well as third party APIs.
Business Logic Event Driven Serverless
Instant Realtime GraphQL APIs

Instant Realtime GraphQL APIs

Point Hasura at your databases and get a rich, realtime API instantly, without disrupting your existing apps.
Massive Scale and Performance

Massive Scale and Performance

Hasura's query execution engine is extremely high performant. A single instance of Hasura can handle >1000 req/s on ~50MB of RAM and over a million real-time GraphQL subscriptions
Advanced Authorization for Secure Data Access

Advanced Authorization for Secure Data Access

Hasura comes with an authorization engine with highly granular rule & role based authorization for your GraphQL APIs out of the box.
Extensible and Flexible

Extensible and Flexible

Extend your API by easily adding business logic & compose a unified API by bringing other microservices & other HTTP APIs without any upstream changes.
Highly Secure and Reliable

Highly Secure and Reliable

Get the most advanced GraphQL API reliability & security features on Hasura cloud to be production-ready from day one.
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New to GraphQL and Hasura?

Choose from over 16 different courses on the frontend or backend to get started.

Future-proof your business with Hasura

Harness the power of data to build applications fast

Build Scalable Apps Really Fast

Get a scalable web API layer and autogenerate 30-80% of your backend APIs. Integrate with your existing databases & authentication systems and only focus on writing the relevant business logic.

Cloud Native Architectures

Applications built on Hasura are cloud-native from the get go. Hasura gives your applications the architecture to use the cloud & serverless technologies, effortlessly.

Activate Your Legacy Data

Hasura connects to your existing databases & services (GraphQL or REST) and gives you instant secure APIs on your existing data. Mobilise & enrich the data in your org to build powerful new applications.

Modernise Your Legacy Stacks

Incrementally migrate to Hasura by working with & reusing your existing stack and moving newer features to Hasura with a clear migration path. Get productive from day 1 without having to reinvent the wheel.
Build Scalable Apps Really Fast
Cloud Native Architectures
Activate Your Legacy Data
Modernise Your Legacy Stacks

Teams of all sizes trust Hasura with their apps

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Paolo Resmini

VP Engineering, Matternet
Hasura is essential for us to meet our stringent requirements for realtime API performance, security and reliability. Our drone delivery system enables our partners across the world to make contactless deliveries of sensitive prescription medicine, and Hasura is a key technology helping to make this happen.
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Powering the world, one application at a time

Analytics DashboardsAnalytics Dashboards

Use Hasura to create data visualisation dashboards instantly. Hasura's rich querying capabilities can help you fetch large amounts of data with a single efficient API call that you can then visualise using various front end libraries to build dashboards.

Internal ApplicationsInternal Applications

Hasura's granular authorisation system & team management features can be used to grant relevant access to users in your org to build internal applications using the Hasura console UI.

Data PlatformData Platform

Set up a unified GraphQL API to access data across your organisation. Hasura's console UI can be used to create mappings between related data sources (using remote joins) to create an org wide data platform.

Multi-tenant SaaS ApplicationsMulti-tenant SaaS Applications

Hasura's authorisation system & cloud-native architecture can be used to built multi-tenant SaaS applications easily. Configure & manage complex permissions declaratively.

External/Partner APIsExternal/Partner APIs

Grant the relevant access to your data to external vendors & partners by configuring the right access control with Hasura's authorization system.

Location Based ApplicationsLocation Based Applications

Grant the relevant access to your data to external vendors & partners by configuring the right access control with Hasura's authorization system.

Realtime ApplicationsRealtime Applications

Power your collaborative & conversational applications using Hasura's support for highly-scalable GraphQL subscriptions. Built realtime experiences into your applications for a modern user experience.

IoT/ML & AI Applications with Time-Series DataIoT/ML & AI Applications with Time-Series Data

Materialise your IoT/ML & AI workloads into a Postgres database and instantly have the APIs available to build web & mobile applications to put your data to use.