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Dev challenges

Complexities of building AI apps

Building data APIs for your AI apps can present a number of challenges related to data consistency, security, scalability, and performance. 
Time consuming

Building data APIs for multiple data sources with authentication and authorization, like role-based access control is time consuming and not optimized for performance, scalabililty, or reliability.

Security is not easy

Querying vector datastores in a secure manner is challenging. Vector datastores are not connected to application data model, making it difficult to query vectors for specific entities or applying access permissions.

Integration is complex

Vector datastores with additional metadata require data to be synced between application database and vector datastore. There is a high risk of the vector datastore going out of sync leading to stale results.

Simplify the process

Transform the way you build AI apps with Hasura

For features that help build APIs and backend systems for your AI applications, look no further than Hasura’s platform.
Apply authentication and role-based access controls that provide security support on your data APIs out of the box.
Combine multiple data stores like Application DB and Vector DB to access data through a single unified query.
Query Vector DB with filter condition and permission settings from your relational data model.
Set up business logic like auto-vectorization on your App DB to keep your Vector DB in sync.
Set up custom LLM logic as a Hasura Action to expose a secure API. 
Transform the way you build AI apps with Hasura
Sumesh Meppadath
Sumesh Meppadath
Sr. Engineer, Data Science, Product Engineering at GalaxEye
“Now, with the revolutionary Vector DB integration, Hasura has democratized AI's power through GraphQL, empowering our engineers to build and operate at scale with unprecedented agility, to unleash unmatched geospatial AI capabilities.
Speed, innovation, and transformative power - that's what Hasura brings to the table.”

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