Hasura Data API Platform
With Hasura, the days of do-it-yourself APIs are done and gone. Ship production-ready data APIs 10x faster.
Powerful & Fast

Speed time to market across use cases

Data and APIs are key to the success of the modern enterprise. The job of actually building production APIs to serve data is no longer tedious and time-consuming, as Hasura speeds up production across several strategic initiatives.

New application development

By automating the API creation process, new app development is no longer hindered by a lengthy API backlog, reducing development time and allowing teams to focus on building other features.

Tech modernization

APIs are a key to tech modernization initiatives – from decomposing monoliths and cloud migration to frontend refactors. With instant APIs, the burden of a backlog is released and tech modernization accelerates.

Enterprise data federation

APIs are central in platform engineering initiatives aimed at solving enterprise data access challenges and breaking down data silos via a centralized data platform or federated data access layer.

Data mesh and data fabric

As transactional and analytical data worlds collide, APIs are a convenient way to implement data products in the emerging data mesh paradigm. This allows teams to access and use data from across the enterprise.


The Hasura Advantage

“Life without Hasura would be painful.”

That’s a statement we hear a lot, and really, it just gets to the core of Hasura’s capabilities: Hasura is your workhorse, stripping away the pains and complexity of planning, creating, coding, maintaining, monitoring, securing, and scaling APIs from scratch.


The end result? Applications and architecture development is automated and up to 10X faster, allowing your team to ship quickly and radically shift focus to where it’s needed most.


How Hasura makes your life easier

Instant unified API

Simply connect your databases to Hasura for a unified, production-ready instant API.

Low-code authorization

Define authorization rules right within Hasura for a faster, low-code way to control data access.

Scalable performance

Create APIs fast – Hasura is scalable and performant across large data sets and multiple databases.

Built-in security features

Authenticate users, detect and prevent threats, secure data in transit, and stay compliant with built-in security features.

Real-time insights

Get real-time insights into the performance and behavior of your APIs and database to optimize performance.

Deployment Options

Choose between our fully managed Hasura Cloud or self-hosted Hasura Enterprise Edition.

Hasura Cloud

Hasura Cloud

Fully managed Hasura platform – the easiest way to build, operate, and scale production-ready APIs on Hasura.



On-prem or open source offerings that include advanced security, monitoring, performance features and more.

Empower developers to effortlessly generate APIs by connecting to existing databases, GraphQL and REST APIs, eliminating the need for manual API creation while enabling rapid, scalable application development.
Instant API on 100+ data sources
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Accelerate development and data access with radically reduced complexity.