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Version: v3.x beta


Why are we building Hasura DDN?

With the rapid evolution of digital experiences, businesses are constantly seeking solutions to build next-generation applications efficiently and cost-effectively. However, a common bottleneck is the inability to swiftly provide secure and efficient access to necessary data.

Hasura DDN addresses this challenge, by utilizing the data supergraph architecture and development methodology in a way which unlocks improved team and developer productivity.

Meeting the growing needs of our developer community

In conversations with developers focused on building APIs and microservices, we've identified key challenges within the community. Hasura DDN is designed to address these challenges, simplifying the workflow for software developers and architects globally.

For API Authors

Developers involved in API authoring value:

  • Feature-rich Domain Modeling: Easily model complex data domains with flexibility.
  • Composability Across Diverse Data Domains: Seamlessly integrate various data sources.
  • Easy-to-understand permissioning and security: Implement fine-grained access control and security policies.
  • Developer Experience (DX): Access tools that accelerate building and iterating processes.
  • Programming Language Flexibility: Choose the programming language that best fits your project needs.

For API Maintainers

Teams managing API maintenance focus on:

  • Performance and Operational Efficiency: Scale and optimize performance with minimal operational overhead.
  • Seamless Rollouts and Stability: Implement changes and updates confidently, ensuring no downtime and avoiding breaking changes.
  • Federated CI/CD for Team Independence: Facilitate independent functioning of teams with a robust CI/CD pipeline.
  • Edge and Distributed Topology: Deploy APIs efficiently, enhancing global scalability and user proximity.
  • Rapid Onboarding and Data Domain Discovery: Enable quick onboarding for developers and easy discovery of data domains and their possible interrelations.

For API Consumers

Consumers of APIs prioritize:

  • Reliability: To have a reliable API that is documented and typed.
  • Consistency: To have a consistent API to fetch data from, irrespective of the data source.
  • Discoverability: To discover what data is available to them via their API and to try out that API with ease.

What is the Hasura Data Delivery Network (DDN)?

Hasura DDN is a paradigm shift in data API creation and management and how we think about data domains in response to the evolved requirements of our users. Hasura DDN facilitates the rapid declarative scaffolding and deployment of an API layer that can be configured to connect to virtually any data source. With Hasura DDN, we are introducing a new approach to microservice development that is designed to provide, both in developer workflow and final product: a faster, more powerful, agile, and scalable solution for building modern applications.

For more details please refer to the FAQ section in the docs.