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Version: v3.x beta

Known Limitations for Beta

Being the first glimpse into Hasura DDN, the beta release comes with some limitations:

  • Mutations, Event Triggers and Subscriptions: Coming soon! Mutations and event triggers can be performed via Commands in the beta release though. Please do check commands and Typescript Connector out for business logic and mutations.
  • Compatibility: Some advanced Hasura v2 features might not be supported, but are on the product roadmap.
  • Migration Tools: Complete migration tools from Hasura v2 to DDN are in development.
  • Data Connectors: Not all previously-supported data sources have connectors yet; however, the SDKs will soon bridge this gap. You can see the list of available and soon-to-be-available connectors on the Connector Hub.

Check out the FAQ section for more information on the major changes from v2.