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Version: v3.x beta


Hasura DDN is fundamentally about connecting data sources to the Hasura Engine via Data Connectors and to define these connections and relationships using a metadata standard.

This architecture is known as a Data Supergraph.

With this approach, Hasura DDN has unlocked powerful capabilities and features:

  • A 100% code-first approach.
  • Instant generated APIs (of course!)
  • Data connectors for any conceivable source of data and the ability to build your own.
  • No more data silos: interconnected and joined data from all your sources, business logic, and APIs.
  • Declarative security and access control.
  • No black boxes: absolutely transparent query plan and execution observability.
  • Push-down capabilities and native queries.
  • Business logic as a first-class citizen.
  • Instant OpenAPI interoperability.
  • Sub-second deployments and powerful CI/CD capabilities.
  • Unlimited scalability and performance.
  • Powerful development, team collaboration and versioning features.
  • Data access from the edge and one-line multi-region routing.
  • No single point of failure thanks to graph resiliency and fault tolerance.

We're excited to show you how we're going to revolutionize your product development experience.

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