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Version: v3.x beta


You can download the CLI binaries below and start using it immediately. Please follow the instructions for your system.

Install instructions

Simply run the installer script in your terminal:

curl -L | bash

Verify Installation

Running ddn should print the following message:

DD __DD\ DD __DD\ NNN\ NN |
DD | DD | DD | DD | NNNN\ NN |
DD | DD | DD | DD | NN NN\NN |
DD | DD | DD | DD | NN \NNNN |
DD | DD | DD | DD | NN |\NNN |
\_______/ \_______/ \__| \__|

ddn [command]

DDN commands
apply Apply a SupergraphBuild to its Environment on Hasura DDN
build Create Supergraph and Data Connector builds
create Create a new resource on Hasura DDN
delete Delete a resource from Hasura DDN
get List resources or get details of a resource from Hasura DDN

Metadata commands
add Add objects to the local metadata
dev Watch and do local development in a local DDN project
update Update objects in the local metadata

CLI auth commands
login Login to DDN
logout Logout from DDN

Other commands
help Help about any command
plugins Manage plugins for the CLI
update-cli Update this CLI to the latest version or to a specific version
version Prints the CLI version

--dir string DDN project directory in which hasura.yaml is present (default ".")
-h, --help help for ddn
--log-level string Log level. accepts DEBUG, WARN, INFO, ERROR, FATAL (default "INFO")
--no-prompt Set this flag to no prompt for anything, the command fails if any input is missing
-o, --out string Format in which the output should be printed, accepts table, json and yaml (default "table")
-p, --project string DDN Project Name
-s, --supergraph-manifest string SupergraphManifest to use. (Optional. DefaultSupergraphManifest used if not provided)

Use "ddn [command] --help" for more information about a command.