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Version: v3.x beta

Hasura DDN Documentation

Hasura DDN directly addresses the problems developing and running modern APIs, including:

  • Slow product development and time-to-market cycles.

  • Difficult data source federation and API composition.

  • Runaway microservice sprawl.

  • Unstructured governance with difficult collaboration.

  • Complex and untrustworthy security.

  • Compromised performance and difficult scalability.

  • Opaque or impossible complex query observability.

  • Multiple API consumers with different requirements.

Hasura DDN solves all of these issues.

Hasura's approach is to facilitate connection between the Hasura Engine and data sources via Data Connectors and to define these connections using simple, declarative metadata in order to create a rich Supergraph of interconnected sources, business logic, and third-party APIs.

With powerful tooling and a code-driven workflow, Hasura DDN is not just an improvement in the data access portion of the product development lifecycle, but a complete game-changer in the way APIs are created and run.



Here, you can learn more about our core concepts; we'll cover all the basics so you're ready to start building.

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Get Started

Learn how to get started with Hasura and deploy a GraphQL API on your data in minutes.

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We provide an instant GraphQL API by generating your GraphQL schema for you based on your data.

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