Apply a build

Create a build

As you've been using ddn dev to watch for changes in your project, you've been creating builds. Do note that you can also do this manually, such as during a CI/CD pipeline, using the CLI.

When you create a build, you're building both the connectors for a project and the updated supergraph itself. Under the hood, ddn dev automates two commands: ddn build connector-manifest and ddn build supergraph-manifest.

For ease, we'll take the last autogenerated build from ddn dev and apply it to our project's endpoint.

Apply a build

To apply a build, you'll need to use the ddn apply command. This command will apply the build to your project's endpoint and will make it accessible to anyone who has access to the project's endpoint.

First, we'll get a list of all the builds in our project:

ddn get supergraph-build

Take the latest build version and apply it to your project's endpoint:

ddn apply supergraph-build <build-version>

And that's it! You've successfully created and applied a build to your project.

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