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    We took you from start to finish on how to build your data supergraph with Hasura. In less than thirty minutes, you created a secure, scalable, and production-ready GraphQL API that can be deployed to users around the world — instantly.

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    Check out the docs

    While we linked to them throughout the guide, we recommend picking up these sections next:

    Visit the Data Connector Hub

    The Data Connector Hub is a repository of data connectors for Hasura. You can find one for your favorite data source or, if it's not there, you can build your own!

    Join Discord for Support

    We have a Discord Channel for those who are new to GraphQL. Please post your queries or feedback regarding this course. It is a pretty active channel.

    Here's the invite link to join our discord.

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    Additional Resources

    Watch this video guide on how to get started with Hasura.

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