Setting up your first event trigger


You can use Hasura to setup event triggers that call configured webhooks whenever specific database events occur.

Let’s create a sample event trigger with as our simple webhook.

Create a table

Head to the Hasura console, navigate to Data -> Create table and create a sample table called profile with the following columns:

profile (
  name TEXT
Create a table

Set up an event trigger

In the Hasura console, navigate to Events -> Create trigger and:

  1. Enter trigger name as echo.
  2. Select table profile from the table dropdown.
  3. Select operations: insert, update and delete.
  4. Enter webhook URL as:
Set up an event trigger

This sets up our webhook to receive database changes on an insert, update and delete on the profile table.

Watch the trigger in action

  1. Insert some sample data into the profile table using the Insert Row tab.
  2. Now navigate to the Events tab and click on the echo trigger in the left sidebar.
  3. Expand the details of an event to see the response from the webhook.
Trigger in action

Next steps

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