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The real world GraphQL tutorial for developers with deadlines!

You will move from GraphQL basics to production-ready concepts with our hands-on tutorial for frontend and backend developers.
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We will explore the fundamentals of GraphQL and how its realtime capabilities and community tooling makes it suitable for modern applications.

Introduction to GraphQL

  • ExpandIntroduction to GraphQL
  • ExpandCore Concepts
  • ExpandGraphQL vs REST, a comparison
  • ExpandQueries
  • ExpandMutations
  • ExpandSubscriptions
  • ExpandGraphQL Server & Architecture
  • ExpandGraphQL Clients
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These are tutorials put together by our team to help new users get familiar with Hasura by building a fully functional realtime backend with Hasura.

Hasura Basics

  • ExpandHasura Basics
  • ExpandPostgres Data modelling
  • ExpandAuthorization
  • ExpandAuthentication
  • ExpandCustom business logic
  • ExpandRemote Schemas, Event triggers
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Hasura Auth with Slack model

  • ExpandRoles
  • ExpandAccess Control
  • ExpandAuthorization Modes
  • ExpandAuthentication
  • ExpandAuth with external services
  • ExpandAllow Lists
These open-source community maintained tutorials will help you learn GraphQL by doing! These are backend agnostic tutorials where you will integrate GraphQL APIs into your favourite frontend framework and get productive with GraphQL in ~2 hours!

What you will learn

  • ExpandGraphQL vs. REST
  • ExpandIntegrating GraphQL Mutations with Query Variables.
  • ExpandUsing Subscriptions.
  • ExpandSetting up a GraphQL client with Apollo.
  • ExpandManaging Local Cache after a GraphQL Mutation.
  • ExpandRealtime feed with notifications.
  • ExpandGraphQL Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions.
  • ExpandIntegrating Mutations to update, delete and bulk delete.
  • ExpandIntegrating GraphQL queries in the app.
  • ExpandOptimistic UI updates for responsive user experience.

Discord logoHasura Discord Community

If you need any help with developing on Hasura, the 4000 member strong Hasura Discord is here to help. Our community members include some very experienced engineers from some of the world’s most exciting companies, and many of them have been using Hasura in Production for a long time.


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Eve Porcello
“This is one of the best tutorials I have seen for getting started with GraphQL and React. This is an incredible roadmap for learning these concepts in a linear and digestible way.
Instructor @egghead.io
“This is a really great tutorial for people keen to learn more about GraphQL 🚀 I just went through the React one, but they have tutorials for Vue, iOS and RN too 💙 #2Hours2GraphQL.
Frontend Developer @brandung
Imani’s Father
Check out this GraphQL #ReasonML course for Reason React developers by @HasuraHQ https://hasura.io/learn/graphql/reason-react-apollo... “Will this course teach Reason React concepts as well?” Hell yes. There are some programming patterns on display in this app that are different from what you see in generally.
Freelance software developer
Hasura Con is a free, online conference. Join us for a week of talks and hand-on workshops about pushing the boundaries of GraphQL forward!