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Version: v3.x beta

Deploy a Data Connector

Deploy a connector to Hasura DDN

You can deploy any verified connector available on the Connector Hub to Hasura DDN using the CLI.

Step 1: Create a new connector manifest

To create a new connector manifest, run the following in a project directory:

ddn add connector-manifest <connector-name> --subgraph <subgraph-name> --hub-connector <connector> --type cloud
<connector-name>Whatever name you would like to assign to this connector.
<subgraph-name>The name of the subgraph to which the connector belongs.
<connector>The connector from the Connector Hub.
--typeThe type of connector. In this case, it's cloud.

You'll then need to add the connection URI for your connector's data source in the base.env.yaml file for the project:

Some connectors don't require any connection URIs

An example of this would be the Node.js Lambda TypeScript connector.

Step 2: Build and deploy the connector

You can then build and deploy your connector to Hasura DDN using the following command with the appropriate values from the previous step:

ddn build connector <connector-name> --subgraph <subgraph-name>