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Version: v3.x beta

Filter by Boolean Expressions

Filter based on failure of some criteria (_not)

The _not operator can be used to fetch results for which some condition does not hold true. i.e. to invert the filter set for a condition.

Example: _not

Fetch all authors who don't have any published articles:

Using multiple filters in the same query (_and, _or)

You can group multiple parameters in the same where argument using the _and or the _or operators to filter results based on more than one criterion.


You can use the _or and _and operators along with the _not operator to create arbitrarily complex boolean expressions involving multiple filtering criteria.

Example: _and

Fetch a list of articles published in a specific time-frame (for example: in year 2017):


Certain _and expressions can be expressed in a simpler format using some syntactic sugar.

Example: _or

Fetch a list of articles rated more than 4 or published after "01/01/2018":