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Version: v2.x

Actions Codegen


Actions need HTTP handlers to run the business logic. It might be inconvenient to write the complete handler code for every action. Luckily, GraphQL's type system allows us to auto-generate the boilerplate code for actions.


Hasura currently has codegen set up for a few frameworks. The list of supported frameworks should grow with contributions from the community.

Generating handler code for your action

Head to the Actions -> [action-name] -> Codegen tab in the Console

You can select the framework of your choice to get the corresponding handler boilerplate code.

Console codegen tab

Codegen for your framework

As of now, Hasura provides codegen for a few frameworks (nodejs-express, typescript-zeit, python-flask and many more). You can see the full list in the Codegen tab on the Console after you've created an action.

We will continue adding more examples to the documentation.

Building your own codegen

If you wish to build a code generator for your framework read the contrib guide.

Additional Resources

Introduction to Hasura Actions - View Recording.