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Version: v2.x

Clean up Async Action Logs


Hasura stores action logs of async Actions in a table in the "hdb_catalog" schema of the Hasura Metadata database.

As the table gets larger, you may want to prune it. You can use any of the following options to prune your logs depending on your need.

  • Deleting logs is irreversible, so be careful with these Actions.
  • Deleting logs while subscriptions for the response might still be open may result into the loss of data and null values been returned.

The table involved

There is a specific table for action logs that is managed by Hasura:

  • hdb_catalog.hdb_action_log: This table stores all captured action logs.

Option 1: Delete log of a particular action invocation

DELETE FROM hdb_catalog.hdb_action_log WHERE id = '<async-action-id>';

Option 2: Delete all logs of a specific action

DELETE FROM hdb_catalog.hdb_action_log WHERE action_name = '<action-name>';

Option 3: Delete all logs

DELETE FROM hdb_catalog.hdb_action_log;

Clearing data before a particular time period

If you wish to keep recent data and only clear data before a particular time period you can add the following time clause to your query's where clause:

-- units can be 'minutes', 'hours', 'days', 'months', 'years'
created_at < now() - interval '<x> <units>'

For example: to delete all logs older than 3 months:

DELETE FROM hdb_catalog.hdb_action_log WHERE created_at < NOW() - INTERVAL '3 months';

See the Postgres date/time functions for more details.

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