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Version: v2.x

Root Field Visibility


Sometimes you may want a role to only have access to certain root fields of a table or have the table only be accessible through a relationship.

When you track a table in Hasura Engine, all the GraphQL root fields available to the role are exposed. Ie: Under the query root field: select, select_by_pk and select_aggregate are exposed. Under the subscription root field, select, select_by_pk, select_aggregate and select_stream are exposed. Root field visibility can disable specific query and subscription root fields.

Supported from

Root field visibility is supported in version v2.8.0 and above.

You can disable specific root fields for queries and subscriptions by unchecking them in the Select permission for the table and role in Console. This is located in the Console under Data -> {table} -> Permissions -> {role} -> select -> Root fields permissions

Disable root fields in Hasura Console

Root field visibility use cases

Allow a table to be accessible only through a relationship

Let's say we have two tables, categories and products defined as follows:

categoriesid, nameproducts (array relationship)
productsid, name, description, pricecategory (object relationship)

We would like to configure permissions of the guest role such that they are only able to access the products of the categories which they can access i.e. access the products table only through the categories -> products relationship.

Modifying the select permission of the products table:

Disable root fields in Hasura Console

Now that no query_root_fields or subscription_root_fields are enabled, the guest role won't be able to access the products table directly and can only access the products table through the categories -> products relationship.

Query with disabled root fields
Row permission considerations

If root fields are disabled then you may want to simplify the row filter permissions by giving it "without any checks" access to all rows. But you should be cautious here because the field may be accessible through a different type e.g. the returning field in a mutation output type.

Access only via primary key

Let's say you want to allow a client to fetch data from a table only if the client knows the primary key of a row in that table.

In this case, regardless of the permission on the table, only <table>_by_pk should be exposed in query_root.

Disable select root fields in Hasura Console

Disable subscription fields

Allow a role to only be able to make query and not subscription requests.

Disable subscription root fields in Hasura Console