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Version: v2.x

Permissions Operators

Common operators (all column types except json, jsonb)

OperatorPostgreSQL equivalentDescription
_eq=Equal to
_ne<>Not equal to
_gt>Greater than
_lt<Less than
_gte>=Greater than or equal to
_lte<=Less than or equal to
_inINIn array
_ninNOT INNot in array
_is_nullIS NULLIs null

Logical operators

OperatorPostgreSQL equivalentDescription
_andANDLogical AND
_orORLogical OR
_notNOTLogical NOT

Exists operator

OperatorPostgreSQL equivalentDescription
_existsEXISTSCheck for existence

String extended operators

OperatorPostgreSQL equivalentDescription
_nlikeNOT LIKENot like
_ilikeILIKECase insensitive like
_nilikeNOT ILIKECase insensitive not like
_similarSIMILAR TOSimilar
_nsimilarNOT SIMILAR TONot similar
_regex~Regular expression match
_iregex~*Case insensitive regex
_nregex!~Not regex
_niregex!~*Not case insensitive regex

The SIMILAR TO operator in SQL returns true or false depending on whether its pattern matches the given string. It is much the same as LIKE, except that it interprets the pattern using SQL99's definition of a regular expression. SQL99's regular expressions are a curious cross between LIKE notation and common regular expression notation.

Column comparison operators

_ceqColumn equal to
_cneColumn not equal to
_cgtColumn greater than
_cltColumn less than
_cgteColumn greater than or equal to
_clteColumn less than or equal to

JSONB operators

OperatorPostgreSQL equivalentDescription
_is_nullIS NULLIs null
_contains@&gt;Contains (Does the left JSON value contain within it the right value?)
_contained_in&lt;@Contained in (Is the left JSON value contained within the right value?)
_has_key?Has key (Does the key/element string exist within the JSON value?)
_has_keys_any?|Has keys any (Do any of these key/element strings exist?)
_has_keys_all?&amp;Has keys all (Do all of these key/element strings exist?)