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Version: v2.x

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Hasura Cloud


Hasura Cloud also enables automatically creating Preview Apps with Migrations and Metadata from a branch on a GitHub repo by triggering a new deployment. These features are intended to improve the CI/CD experience on Hasura Cloud.

Hasura Cloud GitHub Integration

Hasura Cloud can automatically detect Metadata and Migration changes in a linked GitHub repo and deploy these changes to the linked project. Read more on how to add this integration in your project here.

Hasura Cloud Preview Apps

Hasura Cloud enables creating Preview Apps from a branch on GitHub. This allows you to spin up a Hasura Cloud Preview App on each pull request in order to automatically preview changes.

This can be achieved using either of the following:


This feature is currently in beta. Please reach out through our support channels with any questions or concerns.

Usage Limit

For users with only Free tier projects on Hasura Cloud, usage of the Preview App API is limited to 60 calls per month. More plans are coming soon.